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Why ChooseOEM Auto Parts

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    A Grade Auto parts:

    We only deal with tested A-Grade used OEM auto parts with low mileage. We at OEM auto parts care about our customers need for a better auto part, which can make their vehicle run smoothly and on the road for a longer duration without having to visit a mechanic ever so often.

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    Nation Wide Access:

    We sell all kind of used auto parts like Engine, Transmission, Transfer cases, Axle Assembly & other Used Car Parts and accessories, all over United states. We have warehouses all over US which gives us access to better OEM auto parts and also makes it easier to ship the product fast to wherever the customer is located.

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    5 Star Rating:

    We have 5-star Google rating from more than 150+ customers. Even though we are a relatively new company dew to our dedication towards our customers and determination to always provide top class auto parts to our customers has made us achieve 5-star rating from Google with great reviews from our satisfied customers.

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    Expert Customer support:

    We have dedicated customer support service who have several years of experience in auto part retail industry and they are well versed in all your vehicles requirements and its auto parts.

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    We provide our OEM auto parts with guaranteed warranty. As we all know how important warranty is for any product you buy and to get your money worth as well as for your peace of mind. You don't have to worry about loosing your money or any other problems related to you auto part as we provide warranty with every auto part we sell.

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    Local pick-up:

    We provide local pickup for auto part to our customers so you can save on delivery and shipping of auto part too, this makes out products more affordable to those who have tight budget and are looking for an affordable auto part for their vehicle.

Used Engine

Engine is the heart of any vehicle. But its performance can decrease and you may start facing virous problems with your vehicle due to continuous use. If you are having trouble with your vehicle, make sure to check the engine and replace it as soon as possible, with a brand new or a second-hand engine.

We, are trusted and experienced suppliers of second-hand OEM auto parts. We deal with first-class, A grade second hand engine and provide a sure warranty with every product we sell. We understand the importance of genuine auto parts and the trust customers put behind it and we aim to fulfil that need with our tested and high-quality OEM auto parts.

What isEngine?

An engine is the driving force of a car. It is what makes the car move. The engine can be gas-powered or electric-powered. It is the part of a car that converts the energy from fuel into motion. The engine is typically an internal combustion engine, which uses the heat of an ignited fuel to create mechanical energy, and then converts this mechanical energy into rotational energy by means of a crankshaft or camshaft.

The engine is the part of a car that converts the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy. The engine's basic operation is very simple: fuel is mixed with air, compressed by a piston, ignited by a spark plug, and the resulting combustion drives the piston down. Gas-powered engines are usually found in cars that are not electric or hybrid cars. They use gasoline, diesel, or ethanol to create power to turn the car's pistons and make it move.

Electric engines are much more efficient than gas-powered engines because they don't create pollution when they run. They also don't need to be refuelled as often as gas-powered engines do, which saves money in the long run for drivers. Hybrid cars combine both an electric and a gas engine together in order to get better performance out of both types of fuel system.

Buy Used Engine From Us aims to provide the premium used engine in quality, we inspect every used auto part we sell to guarantee that every used engine meets the standard before packing and sending it to our client's location.

We provide used engines for all brands of cars such as Ford engine, GMC engine, Toyota engine, Honda engine, BMW engine etc. Whatever make and model your car is, we have an engine available for it. You may require a diesel engine or a gasoline engine or any other types of engines, we will provide you the used engine you need at a very economical and affordable price.

Types of Engines

  • Gasoline Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Hybrid and Electric Engines

A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel. It is often used in cars, trucks, buses, and trains. Diesel engines are also called compression-ignition engines. They are different from gasoline or petrol engines because they use a higher compression ratio to ignite the fuel. The fuel is injected into the cylinder when the air is compressed by a piston. The air heats up and ignites the fuel which creates power and movement for the vehicle.

There are many benefits to using a diesel engine in a car or other vehicle: it can produce more power per unit of weight than gasoline engines; it uses less fuel than gasoline engines; and it has fewer harmful effects on the environment than gasoline engines.

Petrol engine is the most common type of internal combustion engines in automotive applications. They are also used in motorcycles, tractors, and heavy equipment. The fuel is ignited by an electric spark plug. The petrol engine's combustion cycle is different from that of a diesel engine.

There are two main types of petrol engines: the Otto cycle and the Diesel cycle.

The Otto cycle's power output can be varied by changing its compression ratio (a measure of how much the air-fuel mixture is compressed before it enters the cylinder). This can be done with a variable-valve timing system or variable geometry system.

Hybrid engines or electric engines contain various components, mainly an internal combustion engine, an electric motor, and a battery.

Electric vehicles with hybrid engines don't have gas engine or a tailpipe. They completely depend on power from a battery to turn axle and generate motion at the vehicle's wheels. You don't need to fuel up, but you do need to charge the battery. One of the advantages of electric engines consist of no emissions, as it does not use gasoline or diesel and with increasing price of gas such vehicles are a big money saver.

With time demand for hybrid vehicles is increasing and dues to its various advantages.

Things to keep in mind before ordering a Used Engine

If you have a limited budget or you don't want to empty your bank account by buying a brand-new engine then you should definitely have a look at used engines. But choosing a used engine for your car is not an easy task either.

Here is a list of few tips which will help you in the process of finding the perfect used engine.

Buying a used engine from a reputed and authorized dealer of used auto parts is always safer. Check for all the information you can find on them as well as customers reviews. When you buy a used engine from an authorized seller, they will provide you a product which has been tested and inspected as well as warranty with it. provides you a sure warranty with every used OEM auto part as well as easy return policy.

Always check for mileage while buying a used engine, milage makes a lot difference in engines life expectancy. Engine with more miles may cost you less but it may not last long either.

Try to find out how the used engine was used by previous owner, how old is it and why it was sold. This will provide with the insight about the used engine and it will also make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth buying or not.

Warranty is something you should inquire about especially if you are planning to buy a used product. Try to buy a used engine for your vehicle with the maximum warranty. We offer warranty with all the second-hand OEM auto parts we sell.

Before buying the engine make sure to find out whether it has been tested or not. It will save you a lot of future trouble and your money too. We at oemautoparts send all aur auto parts to our customers provided address only after a thorough testing.

It doesn't have to be an identical match of your previous engine. But do proper research to make sure that the used engine you are planning to buy will work in your vehicle.

Price of a used engine usually depends on make and model of your vehicle and type of engine you require. We offer affordable prices on used engine for sale all across USA.

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