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Why ChooseOEM Auto Parts

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    A Grade Auto parts:

    We only deal with tested A-Grade used OEM auto parts with low mileage. We at OEM auto parts care about our customers need for a better auto part, which can make their vehicle run smoothly and on the road for a longer duration without having to visit a mechanic ever so often.

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    Nation Wide Access:

    We sell all kind of used auto parts like Engine, Transmission, Transfer cases, Axle Assembly & other Used Car Parts and accessories, all over United states. We have warehouses all over US which gives us access to better OEM auto parts and also makes it easier to ship the product fast to wherever the customer is located.

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    5 Star Rating:

    We have 5-star Google rating from more than 150+ customers. Even though we are a relatively new company dew to our dedication towards our customers and determination to always provide top class auto parts to our customers has made us achieve 5-star rating from Google with great reviews from our satisfied customers.

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    Expert Customer support:

    We have dedicated customer support service who have several years of experience in auto part retail industry and they are well versed in all your vehicles requirements and its auto parts.

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    We provide our OEM auto parts with guaranteed warranty. As we all know how important warranty is for any product you buy and to get your money worth as well as for your peace of mind. You don't have to worry about loosing your money or any other problems related to you auto part as we provide warranty with every auto part we sell.

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    Local pick-up:

    We provide local pickup for auto part to our customers so you can save on delivery and shipping of auto part too, this makes out products more affordable to those who have tight budget and are looking for an affordable auto part for their vehicle.

Junk Yard Near Me

Are you looking for junk yards near your area? If you are planning to visit your nearest junkyard to buy some genuine OEM auto parts for your vehicle, then you should be aware of a few things about searching auto parts in a junkyard? Buying a new spare part for your car can be very costly. New auto parts cost a lot, and the labour required to install these parts adds to the overall cost. But there are cheaper ways to find a spare part at a reasonable price can, you can visit your nearest junkyard and try to find used vehicle parts at a lesser price.

Junk yards buy old discarded vehicles or vehicles which have been into some accident but still have some good working parts on them. Some junkyards charge a minor entrance fee. You will have to pay for the parts you want to buy but the charges will be much lesser than buying a new auto part. The best thing about visiting a junkyard is that you may be able to find some good and barely used OEM auto parts, usually form a vehicle which has been in an accident.

If you google search "Junk yard near me" you will be able to find the nearest junkyards near your area. But before visiting a junk yard you need to know few basic details, first is that there are two kinds of junk yards, one where you will have to remove the auto part from the vehicle yourself and second where they remove it for you. So, if you are not an expert in auto parts, you may want to choose the second one.

Why VisitA Junk Yard?

The reason why one would go to a junk yard is that you can find auto parts for a very cheap price through them. If you are not sure whether they will have the part you require, you can call the junk yard before visiting and they will let you know if your visit is worth it or not.

DetermineIf the Junk Yard is Genuine

To find a reputable junk yard, you need to check if it is listed under government's licensing board, this will make sure that it is an established business which is working under the law. You can also check online reviews of previous customers of the same junk yard, reviews say a lot about a business and it will also give you a clear picture of what to expect from them. If the junk yard is providing their own transportation to move the auto part you just bought, and how much are they charging for it note that some junk yards provide free transportation.

Now, we have listed down points you need to keep in mind before visiting a junk yard

ChooseThe Right Junkyard

There several ways to acquire an auto part from junkyards these days, with many businesses selling parts online to buyers all over the country. If you're willing to go to a junkyard, there are really only two types of businesses available for you, full-service or u-pull-it. The names are fairly understandable. A full-service operation gives you the freedom of choosing for the part you want and then a specialized person working at the junkyard pulls them from catalogue. A u-pull-it, as the name states is one where you enter the junkyard equipped with your own tools, pick through the goods, and pull your own parts, whether they're in boxes or they're still in the vehicle.

Some business now a days offer both options as well, mainly focusing on those customers, who would rather pay less and do their own labour as well as those who are willing to pay a little extra to avoid such hassle. If you're good with motorized tools, you will choose to skip the extra fee, but if the part you're after involves you to remove the whole engine, it might be a good idea to pay few extra bucks to let someone else do the hard work for you.

Most of the junkyards make their customers sign some sort of waiver insuring them in the event of an accident or injury, so if you're not confident in your skills it is advisable to let someone else do it and save yourself from some unexpected accident or injury.

How To FindExactly What You Want

Most junkyards are very unorganised and have parts scattered everywhere. But some still, have relatively organised system. Most of the junkyards display their bestselling parts and parts which are in good condition on the display or at the front for the buyer's convenience and parts which are not that popular or less in demand at the back.

If you're not certain about how to find the part you want, requesting for assistance is always your best option, it will save you a lot of time and energy. Owners know their junkyard in and out and they will always know which part is where and they will find it for you.

Know Which PartCan Be Salvaged and What Cannot

Some parts like hoses and filters should always be purchased new. It doesn't matter if a vehicle has been left in the junkyard recently or it has been sitting there for years. Pulling a part with high-risk of damage or already damaged is not worth your time or money.

OEM auto parts like engine, transmission, body parts, interiors, meters, and even wiring can be salvaged from a junkyard, if they are in good condition. Remember, your motive of visiting a junkyard is to find a good working OEM auto part which will save you some money.

Check andRecheck Before Buying

Before buying any auto part from a junkyard you need to check for any damage and wear and tear. An engine may loom good on the outside but to make sure that it is working properly you need to run it and make sure that it is not making any loud sound while starting. If you are not sure how to check the auto parts condition it is advisable to bring an experienced mechanic for someone who has experience with used auto parts to assist you.

BringYour Own Tools

Most of the junkyards don't provide basic tools like hammer, wrenches and screwdrivers to customers, so it will be convenient to bring your own tools to remove the parts you are planning to pull.


Most junkyard are providing transportation to move the parts you have bought to your desired location, make sure to choose a junkyard who provides transportation services especially if you

Wear Suitable Clothing

Remember a junkyard may not be a safe place with parts strewn all across, it is advisable to wear a full sleeved shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes or boots to protect yourself.

So next time before searching for "junk yard near me", go through all the above listed points to make your junk yard visit worth a while, because your hard-earned money and time both are valuable.

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