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Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying An OEM Part

With auto sales increasing every year in America, the demand for spare parts is also at rise. With constant use of your vehicle, you will start facing some or the other problem. While some minor issues can be solved by simply going to a professional mechanic, others may require the replacement of auto parts.

Buying a spare part can be tiring in many ways especially if you are on a tight budget. We all want to get the best auto part at the least price and with so many options on used auto parts, one can get confused and overwhelmed. OEM parts are a great option and budget-friendly too but there are a few things to keep in mind before buying an OEM part.  

An OEM part is a factory-authorized replacement part, they are the only ones that can legally produce and sell components for a particular vehicle. Unlike aftermarket parts, OEMs offer an identical factory-manufactured product for a fraction of the price. Now it is becoming more and more common for people to buy auto parts online. With the invention of webshops, you can find all sorts of OEM parts in only a few clicks. It's also good for you to be able to compare prices and quality before making your purchase decision.

OEM parts are those parts that come from the manufacturer. Sometimes these parts can be found at a junkyard near you.

Parts such as the headlights and taillights of a car are considered OEM parts. If you want to replace your headlights or taillights, then you have to look for an authorized junkyard or salvage yard near you.

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If you are looking to buy a used OEM part, here are a few things you should keep in mind before placing your order.

1.    Know Exactly What You Want

Go through your car manual to find out what specific part you need for replacement.

You would require your vehicle's brand name, model, year of manufacture, and the name of the part you need to buy. If you have your VIN#, share that too with the seller, it will help you narrow down your search. If you are not at all familiar with the car and car parts, consult a professional mechanic and find out which part of your vehicle you need to replace.

 2.    Compare

Never go for the first seller you come across, who has the part you require. Do your research, trying to get a quote from as many sellers as you can to get the best price. Also try to go for an OEM part that is relatively newer, remember we all want to pay the least amount for our purchases but it may also mean that the OEM part is either too old or damaged and you might end up with a bad product.  

 3.    Evaluate Payment and Shipping Options

Whenever you decide on buying a specific OEM part, check what type of payment methods are used by the seller and go for the one with which you feel the most comfortable and which you find most secure.

Shipping is another step you should be careful about. Find out if there are any added shipping charges and if the seller provides the tracking number after shipping the OEM part. You can plan your mechanics appointment accordingly.  

4.    Warranty

Make sure that the seller is providing a warranty with the OEM part you are planning to purchase. These spares are old and used and you need to be sure that if it stops working or if you received a damaged product, you don’t lose your money. A warranty ensures that if there is any problem with the spare part, it will be replaced.

5.    Refund

Refund is another important point you need to keep in mind. If you receive a damaged OEM part or if the part you have ordered does not fit your vehicle, you would want a refund as you would not want to lose your money on something which doesn’t work for your vehicle. Make sure that the seller has a simple return policy, which could be easily followed if required.

If you’re not sure how to acquire an OEM part for your vehicle on your own, our team here at can provide you with all the products and services required to keep your car running smoothly, answer all your auto part related questions.