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How to buy used spare parts online safely?

Shopping online has increased dramatically in the recent years, and it has turned out to be easier for consumers to get what they want. Today we all are hooked to the Internet that the growing online shopping trend has replaced the purchase style of every sector. Today driving down to the automobile shops and junkyards for used auto parts has also reduced, most of the customers prefer online medium for spare parts purchase. Online shopping is very much convenient, but you need to be careful when it comes to buying car parts. There are many fake e-commerce which try to mislead you, and it’s very important that you be extra cautious, because the internet makes it easier for illegitimate parts dealers to play their game and rip off unsuspecting consumers. So by finding a reputable replacement used parts dealer, you will be able to trust that  you are getting the right parts and also a secured transaction. So, while making online spare parts research follow some simple steps.

Which may not come in handy completely but can definitely reduce the risk factor, here are a few tips:

1) Prefer a secure transaction method:  The major issue with shopping online is regarding your financial safety and privacy. There is a security concern with making online purchases. The online used auto parts store will ask for credit card numbers or if the customer wishes to purchase by other mediums. Online e-commerce stores make sure that your personal data is encrypted, but make sure that you don’t give away data which is not mandatory.

Using money orders, prepaid gift cards like Amazon gift cards or wire transfers is not a great idea. There is no way to recover that cash if there is any problem. You have to input credit / debit card information details for a purchase. Therefore, you need to find a trusted used parts dealer that has security features and offers encrypted transactions. If you are preferring a company that works with third-party wallets, there are plenty of used parts stores that have a variety of payment options. But among them usually company which has a seal of trust from are considered safest.

2) Choose the right dealer: It’s always important to choose a used parts dealer who has a strong bond with manufacturers and also has the capability to provide you with good quality used auto parts that you need. Choose a company that has experience in the parts industry, and one that is properly licensed and certified to sell genuine OEM parts. You can always compare parts and part numbers to your vehicle manufacturer’s website to make sure that you receive quality parts, but finding a good place to shop is the ultimate thing. Before you purchase make sure that you  know the number of the part. This reduces the chance of errors. Before taking a call,  look at the website of the auto manufacturer which could possibly give additional information about the various parts.

3) Check for tracking option: Check carefully regarding the shipping procedure and also the overall cost of having your purchase sent to you. It is very important to have a definite tracking system so as to know where your newly purchased parts are at any given time. Some of the stores will not charge handling and installation cost at all. It is of no doubt because they’re using a discount carrier as opposed to UPS or  one of the major shippers. Nothing wrong with that but again, be sure enough to check and see if there is tracking option available. One thing to remember about shipping is overnight or speed delivery will cost a premium amount. If you can wait for a few days the shipping cost will be lower. But see that, you have a legitimate tracking facility so that you can have frequent updates regarding your product.  

4) Understanding of Genuine OEM vs. Non-OEM Used Parts : The common confusion among customers is understanding the difference between genuine OEM used parts and those known as “aftermarket” parts. The parts that are offered by the manufacturer or are from the same vehicle are known as OEM parts. These parts are approved by the vehicle manufacturer to be used as replacements on vehicles to provide the exact factory replacement. Just because a retailer says that they sell OEM parts, doesn’t guarantee that they are trustworthy. So, always be cautious regarding understanding the genuinity of the used parts. You will have to watch the language on the website to ensure that they are not selling “duplicate” or “like-OEM” parts, or some other non-OEM item that is being misleadingly marketed. Sites that are misleading lie regarding the types of parts that they can cost you a lot of time and money if you are careless.

5) Check pricing carefully: If you are searching for used parts and you find one retailer  to have an unusually low price, you should be quite suspicious until you figure things out. OEM parts all come from the same place, so prices should be almost similar between the dealers. If someone offers a discount without explanation, they’re obviously not selling genuine parts.

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